Team T&IC presents
passionately and personal

Online and offline. For internal and external audiences. For small businesses and large organizations. National and international. Profit, non-profit and government. From Z all the way back to As far as you need to go, pro-active and without hassle. With strategic thinking and practical acting.
Team T&IC realizes communication... Passionately and personal.

Team T&IC is extraordinary normal


Realisation without hassle. As a one-stop-shop we take the regulation of information and the coordination with third parties out of your hands, and create (moving) images, gadgets, print, smart distribution, intelligent online-tools and everything else that can be of communicative use. All according to planning and budget.


Great content makes communication effective and powerful. A clear structure. Compelling and convincing texts. Appealing images. We organize information and make content. Based on interviews, desk research and our own knowledge files and skillsets. With the T&IC-twist reading becomes experiencing.


Communication creates movement when the right tone, place, form and time are chosen. That takes strategic thinking and practical acting. In that spirit we design websites, magazine formulas, (online) folders, adverts, apps, annual reports and more. In a functional design, with a passionate T&IC-touch.


How do you move people, how do you involve them? Involved in your goals and ambitions? Adapting to change or choosing a new course? We think: by involving and inspiring them. With substantial, optimistic and compelling communication. Inform. Inspire. Involve.

Strategical thinking and practical acting