'In an old township, by the waterside...'

(Herman Gorter: 'Mei' ('May'), 1889)


Involving people, binding them and enthuse them for your (organizational) goals. By informing them en inspiring them through relevant and adequate communication-expressions. That is the communication-task we set ourselves. Team T&IC is averse of expensive language or difficult solutions. We see communication as a craft, and we treat our clients that way. Driven. Authentic. Focused on the result. And with a big smile… yours and ours.


Our past

The first Team T&IC productions were created in the classrooms of Leiden University, anno 1986. With a prehistoric Tulip-computer, listening to classes of medieval literature. Soon after, the first Apple DTP-computers were ordered. First in a rented attic, then a beer brewery (anno 1614) by the waterside (‘aan de gracht’), now Team T&IC resides in a dynamic business centre, situated and easily accessible between the A13 and A4 highways in Delft. Stencil machines, floppy disks and fax machines are only thought about nostalgically…



Team T&IC is coordinated by two Partners in Communication (Annet Wilhelm and Roxane Kremers) and a diverse team of long term and flex-colleagues for redactional work, realization and support. For every order, we organize a team that can most efficiently and optimally work towards your product. We like to cooperate flexible and hassle free, informally and to the point. You have one contact in Team T&IC, but everyone knows how to help you further. That way, we guarantee continuity and transparency down the road.

Inform | Inspire | Involve

What we stand for


Experience and cognition is core in our approach. Craftmanship of course. But also the knowledge of you as a client, your organization and what drives you. We know and understand what you are doing and can translate and tell your story. And that same knowledge, we have about all our clients. When necessary, we like to share our knowledge and best practices with you!/p>


We strive for perfection. We take professional service and quality for granted. But Team T&IC likes to do it their own way: our best practices need to be that little bit better. Not only the final result and its quality counts (effectiveness). Also a careless and transparent process (budget and planning) and the cooperation on the basis of clear and realistic agreements. And in the end of course your satisfaction as our client.


Our approach is analytical. That way we understand the problems, complex information and challenges quicker. But first and for most we are empathic. Listening, observing, analyzing and understanding is our second nature, not constrained by schematics or standard solutions. We listen intensely, also to what is left unsaid. We are involved with your organization, goals and position. We know and understand. En only then do we start doing.


Team T&IC always strives for the positive. With passion we contribute to economics and people, to (organizational) goals en relations of cooperation. And to a habitable world around us. Even when this does not immediately pay out. Personal, involved, intense. That makes our cooperation and your results more evocative.