Business Excellence

Organizations are, regardless of their size, special “organisms”. They partly evolve naturally, and change is for the other part systematically planned and managed. And the surest thing is that there will be a next change. Both the subject-matter and on the communication strategies, Team T&IC is acquainted with reorganizations, fusions, take-overs and policy changes, change management, (quality)management systems (EFQM, ISO, IiP, NEN-standards), continuous improvement, (personal) leadership, the LEAN system of workspace, mobility and employability, employee- and customer satisfaction research, employee co-partnership, corporate norms and values, missions and visions, sustainable and social responsible business, etcetera.

We realized among others:

Employee magazines (multilingual); popular policy reports on policy change, reorganization, take-overs; annual reports; roadmaps; internal and external educational end campaign material; educational folders, -flyers, and –brochures; quality handbooks and –manuals; gadgets and contributions to events to support change; and countless publications…