Governments fascinate. They have their own dynamics and mechanics. They have passionate employees who want to serve society. In the past decennia, integrity and transparency play an important role. Team T&IC met these passionate employees and cultures in ministries, local and regional governments. We know the offices that manage the many waters in the Netherlands, a layer of government unique to Holland-waterland inside out. Through this Team T&IC acquired a specific set of skills and cognition, to help keep our feet dry. Team T&IC helps these governments and offices to retain and enthuse their employees during changing times. And with public information that strengthens the support for their work and decisions.

We realized among others:

Redactional support for policy briefs and project reports, online annual reports, relation magazines for diverse groups of stakeholders, employee magazines, change-communication, door-to-door publications and public information, employment-communication, acquisition folders, brochures, internal communication campaigns, communication from co-partners, contributions to events…