Internal Communications

If there is one passion of Team T&IC, it is undoubtedly to be internal communications (internal branding, internal marketing, employee communication). The salt of the earth in every organization: the communication with and between colleagues, to achieve individual and organizational goals. It is a craft. A specialty in which trust is essential. Not only the end result counts, but more so the process with which this result is established. A craft in which listening seems more important that talking or writing. We put our hearts and souls into this process, to try and persuade/coax/coach management and employees alike to communicate honestly, timely and mutually. To not communicate is always worse than bad news, and radio silence always causes murmurings in the hallways.

We realized among others:

Strategic advice, (multilingual) employee magazines, internal newsletters for different layers of management or departments, e-mail newsletters for different layers of management or sectors, internal educational and awareness campaigns on policy change, fusions and take-overs, calendars, posters, flyers and brochures, radio-, film- and video scripts, intranet content, temporary websites, apps, gadgets and events, and countless publications.