Next to governments and business, non-profit organizations and their communications require a different kind of attention with special characteristics. This concerns more often than not cases that are close to people’s hearts: organ donors; religion and spirituality; quality of living or living in a care situation; social or cultural initiatives that can improve the quality of life, close by or further away. Organizations that have a glowing passion, or make your heart beat faster. It is an exceptional challenge for Team T&IC to help this sector communicate optimally – paid or pro deo -, and to involve audiences and stakeholders in the goals that can make life better for so many people.

We realized among others:

Renters magazines and –newsletters, relation- and member magazines (biweekly), education via local media and papers, door-to-door publications and public information, employment-communication, acquisition folders, websites and content for websites, multilingual education for the integration of immigrants, education for young adults, redactional support for policy reports and annual reports…