From billboard to pocketsize

The scent of fresh press-work. The excitement of “going live”. De kick of a successful mailing. We like to share these sensations with you en are happy to supply you with the corresponding communication-products. But no just “because we can”. It has to tell a story, be strategically framed!

We make multiple communication-expressions for different clients. Intern and extern. Offline and online. The timing, tuning and management of these diverse communication-expressions is a true passion. If you want to, we will dynamically manage your communications as well, for a fixed price per month per quantity. For a clear overview.

The possibilities are endless. Let your ideas and wishes not be curtailed by the brief overview below!

Information processes

If you are looking for the development and realization of

  • Communicationstrategies and –mediamix
  • Educational- and awareness campaigns
  • Information processes
  • Storytelling
  • Etcetera


If you are looking for the development, realization and management of

  • Online magazines and brochures (intern and extern)
  • Digital or e-mail newsletters
  • Websites
  • Content for intranet
  • Apps for internal communication or events
  • Questionnaires and polls
  • Etcetera


If you are looking for the development and realization of

  • Staff magazines
  • Internal newsletters
  • Customer magazines
  • Posters, flyers, folders and brochures
  • Annual reports and policy reports
  • Advertisements
  • Prospects and books
  • Campaign-materials
  • Etcetera

Our vital network

Team T&IC cooperates with a large network of flexibel professionals who are all more than capable to deliver custom made products. Photographers and graphic designers available at a call. Cost-efficient and geographically organized: so there is always someone available near you. Fast working translators, mostly from and to French and English, but neither Turkish nor Moroccan is a problem. Typographers and (digital) printers, each have their own specialty, all focused on quality, and usually ISO- or CSR-certified. Animators, filmmakers and audio specialists. Digital ‘wizkids’, experienced in online tasks and jobs that need an extra edge… etcetera.